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No more costly poor quality websites that take forever to be completed.

Every year, at least 1300 companies are created in Zimbabwe yet only a few are found online because it is expensive to get online.

A standard good quality website starts at USD$500 plus $100 every month to manage it. And you will need to pay someone $100 every month to make it rank on Google. And you will have to pay someone to make it secure. When you realise how expensive this is, you end up settling for “some cheap guy” your cousin referred you who will make you a barely functional website that looks like it’s from the year 2000.

NO MORE COSTLY WEBSITES. At AmaHappenings, we are trying to put as many Zimbabwean emerging companies and brands online as possible. Whether you are a not-for-profit, charity, school, artist, public speaker, writer, blogger, lawyer, car hire, lodge and sports team we got you covered.

For only USD$100 we will create for you a high-quality website in 72 hours (3 days) from the moment you submit the form below. The website will be high quality, optimised to rank high on Google, with strong security and you will be taught how to use it (sweet, I know!). Also, because we are nice people, we will register your website address for you, 10 professional email addresses (e.g and host your website – all for free!

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Our design process

This is what will happen from the moment you request the website so that you won’t keep wondering “what’s next?”


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For us to start working on your awesome website, please fill in the form below at the bottom, and then we will confirm with you via call or email (whatever you prefer).



AFTER WE CONFIRM your submission, then you can proceed with the payment for your website in part or in full – depending on your confirmed arrangement.


Submit details

After the payment, we will ask for the details you want to appear on your website such as your images, the services you offer etc depending on the type of website you want.



We will ask you to review your website twice before we launch it. You will review to see if you need anything changed & we will change it.



When all is in order and you love your website (you will), we will launch it for the world to see.  Congratulations on your new website!



Now that you have a website it doesn’t mean it should end there! You need to learn how to manage it, how to update it and how to promote it. 

Our past work

This is our past work from clients who decided to take their brand online, we hope you will join them.

Not for-Proft Organisation Website


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Artist/Musician Website


View project

Podcast Website

21 Questions with Jacqui

View project

Blogger Website

Valentine Writes

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Comments from our past clients

“Thanks Mtho for the simple, elegant and clean website, it has really helped me to put my podcast on the map and even help put everything in one place!”

“Hey chief, thank you very much for the beautiful website. It was just in time for the winter blogging challenge and you made me standout. Again, thank you!”

“Thanks bro for the website, it was clean and straight to the point and the board loved it. And we keep getting leads on a daily basis. I will engage more with you.”

“Hey bro, thanks for the logo and the branding. It made a lot of difference and our customers love it. It looks international kkk”

“Eish dawg!!!! The website is beautiful yhooo. It’s international standard. I haven’t seen any Zimbabwean artist website with such a dope website. Thanks my G!”

“I saw the YIELD Trust website and it is very beautiful. You are really good with design. Keep it up!”

“Thank you very much for the Bethalmandy logo and website. I love it love love it!”

“Hi bro, the website is amazing and me and my team love it. You were the second webdesigner we had to come to and you nailed it. I appreciate it!”

Frequently Asked Questions

 What’s the catch? Why is a website so affordable?

There is no catch. As Zimbabweans, we understand that money to start going online is limited, hence we seek to help you get online at limited cost. In order for us to work efficiently, you will have to co-operate with us by giving us all the required material on time for us to do our magic – and then sit back and relax.

Are there payment plans?

Oh yes! We are trying to get you online by all means possible. So, if USD$100 is too much to pay all at once, you can pay in 2 monthly instalments, that is $60 first month and $40 last month. This is only if you can’t afford to pay all at once. However, so that we can cover other operational costs, we require you to pay the $60 upfront before we start any work.

Who is behind this company?

Sorry I got excited and forgot to introduce myself. My name is Mthokozisi Mabhena, I am from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. I have a first-class Entrepreneurship degree and more than 5 years on the internet helping brands get online through providing web deign services, digital marketing and training teams on digital communication. My mission in life is to build the entrepreneurship ecosystem in my country (Zimbabwe) and in Africa, my journey to get as many brands online is one of the ways I seek to fulfil this  mission.

How do I pay?

We take payments in all forms. In any way you could send it to us, we take it. We take Ecocash, Telecash, One Money, InnBucks, Access Forex, BancABC City Hopper, cash, bank transfer, bank deposits, via bus drivers, World Remit, Western Union, Sendit Too, Paypal and any other method you use. We are very flexible!

Can I negotiate price?

No. Due to the costs involved in getting a website up and running, we cannot go lower than $100 and still maintain the quality of work we are committed to produce. Also, we are committed to produce the website within 72 hours, so we can’t extend or shorten that time either without incurring some costs. If you want something that is custom, we do offer premium websites from $500.

Can I get extra services?

1. Will you do a logo for me?
Yes! We will do a logo for you. Any good website needs a good logo. Logo design is separate and its only $25 once-off and you will get 3 rounds of revision. If you want a logo, just go to the logo page here and order one. You will thank yourself for it.
2. Will you also manage my Facebook and other social media?
Yes! We can create and manage your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn pages. Every website needs social media pages to get traffic from. Since this is separate work from website design, we charge you $30/month per social media platform for 25 posts a month including graphics.
3. Can I get customized personal special website?
Oh yes, definitely! If you need a special premium website then we can create it for you from $500.

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