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A little bit of a backstory, in November 2017 we started as a “Bulawayo events guide”, we curated every event that was happening in Bulawayo and packaged it so people can attend (See our twitter feed and our Intwasa magazine).


The problem was that there were (and still are) many events that are happening in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, but no-one was attending them because not many people knew of the existence of those events. Our solution was to curate the events, and become a centralplace for Bulawayo events and share them via WhatsApp Broadcast (when it was still a thing) and via Twitter And Facebook.

Then we were faced with one problem, we failed to monetise our service, and a lot of similar services appeared with a monetisation strategy, and we saw them fail, because monetising this sort of service was very difficult. We tried being ticket sellers or event promoters but that was against our core values; we believed that all events were important, and we didn’t want to be biased, we just wanted to be a platform.

As young adults, we needed the money, so we looked for the next way we can impact people, do meaningful work and get paid for it. And that is when an idea hit us, and we pivoted…

At any given moment in time, AmaHappenings always has at least 3 people working on it, and the constant being the founder, Mthokozisi Mabhena. We have worked with Tafadzwa Musundire, Vuyelwa Moyo, Phiwethina Mhlophe, Melisa Ncube, Mxolisi Masuku and others. All these people are still friends of AmaHappenings and they have gone to do amazing work in their own right. Vuyelwa went on to do her Masters degree in South Africa, Tafadzwa founded his own digital agency, Phiwe started his own debate journalism blog (you can visit it here), Melisa went to complete her degree, and Mxolisi finished his diploma to do his special honours degree.

So how do we work? Like everyone affected by COVID-19, we work from home, and we deliver the work ourselves. And if we need more help, we have more than 25 young people who are in our network, we call them Friends of AmaHappenings. 

So yes, rest assured, we will deliver, in correct specifications, and on time.


It will be 3 years since we started this thing, and we are going strong


We have worked in so many projects incl. webdesign, digital marketing and training.


Our customers are happy and love us. The incumbent group CEO of ZB Bank called us one of the most professional young people he has ever seen.

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